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You're OK

Stephen Chinnock

23 February 2020

You’re ok and doing well
They say to me
Nearly every day
Six weeks on after the fire
You’re all settled
In a new house
And doing well
But those who lost
Their houses completely
Or nearly destroyed
Living in a war zone
Of a whole community
Devastated even if
Your house is still standing
Wake in the morning
Seeing the wreck
Of our once beautiful enclave
And wonder how
We can escape the terror
Rebuild and make
A life again
In this same place
I can’t do that
I’ve run away
From that place
Hoping to relocate
In another space
So far that’s going good
A house near to the beach
Providing some sustenance
The breeze the air
The sound of the ocean
Reflecting eternity
The hurt remains l
Just the same
For all that was lost
In that destructive fire
That took away our dreams
But not our memories
I will recreate a home
For me and the boys
There will be feasts
And fun and tears I’m sure
We will go back
To wonderful days
Of frolicking around
At Narrawallee

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