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Won't it

Stephen Chinnock

13 April 2020

Won’t it be uplifting
The travel restrictions
Lifted at last
Drive up to
Little Forest Plateau

Take the Mt Bushwalker track
To the end
Look down
Incredible transformations
In geological time

Sit under an overhanging
Rock ledge
Ponder the millenniums
Taken to shape
This delicate planet

Compare the brief
Time it took
To threaten our existence
Stripping away
Interlocked systems
Of ecological balance

I’ll take lots of time
In that location
To think and reflect
On the precarious nature
Of life in the broader universe

And wonder
What lessons we’ve learnt
What changes
We need desperately
To bring into action

Poetry won’t in its self
Bring about change
But at least
It raises the question
Where do we go next?

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