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Winter robes

Stephen Chinnock

1 May 2020

Do you remember the days
When the days became cold
You’d reach in to the blanket box
Bringing out the doonas and blankets
Inherited from your parents
Pure wool blankets that grandma had
That have lasted over generations

Hard to find that quality today
When all is made in China
I had a rug in the car
A blanket of comfort
Made of pure wool
Inherited along with the car
Providing warmth over decades

Then there were ponchos of llama wool
To wrap around the shoulders
A shawl of pure wool
From Bruny island
Scarves knitted lovingly by nieces
Comfortably wrapped around the neck
Tucked into the chest

I’ll shiver this year without
My winter wardrobe
And I’ll not be the only one
Looking for warmth
As a result of fire
What irony!

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