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Why did it happen?

Kris Brennan

19 February 2020

Why did it come?
It doesn’t matter now
It is done, it is done.

“I'm on my way home
I want you to know,
It doesn’t look good
I think Fisho’s will go”.

The helicopters above
They are hovering nearby,
This is going too fast,
I'll keep up the bucketing,
Good Lord! Look at the sky!

And then within minutes it hits the ridge,
It is coming, it is running
It is downhill … across the wind!!

I'll stay, you go
Don’t forget to stay near,
Get in the car,
Just get the f%#k out of here!

I banged on her door
We have to go! Quick! Quick!
The fire is coming
It will be here any tick.

I am not leaving,
I will be OK.
I told the others before you,
I have made the decision,
I intend to stay.

You don’t understand,
It isn’t a fire, it's angry, it's violent,
It will take you along with us all
I beg you please listen
Please get out the door!

With your hand on my shoulder
And tears in my eyes, you pushed me on my way.
I insist that you go but you said, Frank will be the one,
The one to care for me on this day.

What the f#%k this crazy shit
I'm running, the noises, I can hear.
The hurry, the scurry
The peril behind me.
Don’t stand and scratch your head!
Steffo and Patti!
Get the f#%k out of here!

Roads blocked by fire
We are limited to where we can go.
Cars driven by people
The fear in their faces
The tears freely flow.

Is this our last day?
Is this how it ends?
Where are the services?
The services that are meant to help us…
To help us defend?

And somehow I’m here
In the boat with the others.
The hours past,
The fire all around us.
The heat, the wind, the smoke and all
We hear the sounds,
The sounds of the community fall.

And so I watched my feet step onto the soil
What would be ahead of me
My eyes and mind wish to recoil.

The land is still smouldering,
It is silent now, apart from
Water flowing, where was it before, where did it go?
Black and twisted visions, silhouettes continuing with the ongoing bucketing.
This is surreal…

Oh my God, oh no. Did she get out of that?
Her house is flat!
Did anyone see her,
Her and her cat?

The last day of the year,
Of the decade as well.
The Mother is angry
And I’m sure this is Hell.

That night we join, we share, we hug
And we care.
We exchange tears and rubs
And stories galore
But there will be more
Believe me there is more….

For days our lives are like living in sepia
When will the colour return
To make life easier?

Cause our community has fled
Vowing to return
The homes they will rebuild
But have we all learnt?

We are all trying to help you,
To help you get through,
Through your hurt and the dirt
and the mess of it all.

Some won't return for reasons
Or other,
We won't forget you
Our hearts and minds learn to be tougher
Without you here
The people, we love so dear.

Why did it happen?
Why did it come?
I repeatedly implore.

The day that turned to night,
When It roared and It roared.

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