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What do you do?

Stephen Chinnock

1 May 2020

What do you do
When the beast
Jumps on your back
And won’t let go
What do you do
When your energy is spent
And you can’t fight back
To shake that beast off
Go for a walk
Look at the ocean
Ring an old friend
Tried all these
The beast holds on
With claws
Gripped deeply
Into the soul
Tearing away
At the heart
And the body
Carrying a burden
I hit a note positive
Not so long ago
Believing I’d found my way
Out of the abyss
The road is rocky
It seems
Never level
Or consistent
But I hold on
To the thought
That it’s not forever
I’ll wake up another day
And see that the sun
Is still shining
On the shores of my life
I’ll make it in the end!
I hope ?

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