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What day?

Stephen Chinnock

12 March 2020

What day was it
When I thought
It’s all too much
Leave me alone
I just want a rest
From all this stuff

Leave me alone
From the facts
Of the current situation
I want to turn my back
On this reality

Find another
Set of circumstances
That would suit me better
Giving a break
From the heavy burden
Of the black summer

It was probably
Every day
Since the fires
We all want
To escape
From this dilemma

Since we can’t
No matter what
We’ll have to fight
With our hearts
And emotions
Running away
Like mad

Getting together
Is halfway
Down the line
The rest
Resides in our
Individual minds

We will have to fight
The tendency to feel alone
And hurt and burnt
Wondering how to find
Our way out
Of our pain and despair

Talk a lot
Say it out loud
Write it down
The words that you feel
Don’t hold back
We have to let it go

At the end of the day
We have survived
And eventually
The world will seem
Beautiful again

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