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What a blessing

Stephen Chinnock

26 February 2020

What a blessing in life
It is to write
Spelling it out
Putting it down
On a canvas of words
Covering pages
With sentiments
And thoughts
Painting a picture
With dark and light
Colour developing
As I write
The painting
Will never be complete
Because life’s not like that
A jigsaw
A puzzle
Too rich and complex
To really understand
With moments so bland
And others making your
Mind expand
Disaster and it’s aftermath
Lead us down a path
Of either destruction
Or resurrection
The choice is ours
Pick up the pieces
Or leave the mess on the ground
Find a way to prevention
Say it out loud
Now before it’s too late
There are ways out
Follow the lead of science
The best minds of our time
Listen to Greta
And all our young folk
Who know so clearly
Their future is at stake
Support their work and words
That are making sense
Highlighting the need for defence
Paint a picture in your mind
Of the world you want
Your kids to live in
Will it be bright
Depends on you tonight
Will you fight with words
And actions countering
Ignorance and inaction ??
Or will my painting
Of the universe
Be a splattering
Of cosmic dust
All black and forgotten !

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