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What's gone wrong

Stephen Chinnock

27 March 2020

I was on top of it
In control
Of my life’s circumstances
Running about
Getting it sorted
That was the only choice
Suddenly I find
I’ve fallen into a
Huge black hole
Of regret and sadness
That won’t go away
My heart, my soul
My guts are churning
Not able to accept
That the world is turning
And refuses to change
How can i hold on
To hope and resurrection
When nothings been done
To prevent it all happening
Again and again
There is a direction
We might take
Ignored by those in control
To replenish the planet
Make it safe again
Until they do
We sit here wondering
Where it will all lead
Money in the bank
Seems the only motivation
What good will that do
When the last trees
Have been cut down
No food or sustenance
Left for the human race!

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