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Phillipa Hollenkamp

2 December 2020

We saved our home,
My fathers cottage,
Our lives we have,
Seem now, forgotten

We have our shed
Our life treasures too
Stowed in depths
Once, measured true

Surrounds are gone
Tree line drive of year
Majestic growth,
Now mulched I fear

The meticulous hedge
That well kept lawn
The feature trees
My god, they're gone

Boundary fence
Charcoal and wire
My wedding arbor
Fuel for fire

The day it was
Straight from hell
We fought so hard
I remember it well

My fathers tractor
Burnt, abandoned, gone
Orchard devastated
The land, it's gone

The cattle scorched
Their bellies bloated
The bleating lambs
The ewes aborted

The sound of shot
Ringing the ear
The dropping body
That very fear

The work still endless
I see no end
My mind is tired
My hands, no friend

My back is broken
My soul as well
What once was there
Can never ye tell

This enduring toll
For those remain
Our fragile grasp
I must refrain

I feel forgotten
My woe not worth
The grief is same
The cost much worse

Give a wave
A shout
A hug
A holler

The year will better
I hope no bother
We must unite
Defeat the beast

For now I am
I need deep sleep.

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