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Melissa Neve

17 April 2020

Debris upon the shore, nothing more
Adrift for a while, slammed into rocks, battered and pushed by waves
Debris upon the shore
Once shiny and new, chosen and cherished
Now cast aside, forgotten, hidden
Once useful and vibrant, prized and purposeful
Now wasted, tangled, discarded
Shell, wood, plant, bone, metal, china, glass, flesh
Rubbish, still in sight, yet out of mind
Discarded, but in plain sight for the world to see
Study the shore, slowly, thoughtfully, hoping
Hoping for treasure
Treasure that retains its potential, as well as its history
Treasure that retains its uniqueness, as well as its conformity
Treasure that can be salvaged for a new life
Treasure that can be fashioned into beauty
Not everyone can see
Only those with discerning eyes
Only those who have the vision
Only those who look beyond
Only those who watch with their heart
A prize, a hidden prize, yes a prize
Seen again, but with different eyes
Eyes of consciousness and creativity, an artist
Sometimes we, are debris upon the shore

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