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This Bloody International Virus

Stephen Chinnock

20 March 2020

This bloody virus
Is turning our lives
Upside down
Movement restricted
Relationships conscripted

We are faced with a choice
Not easy but necessary
Change the whole way
We relate to the physical world
Or suffer terrible consequences

There are things we can do
In this age of technology
Like staying in touch
With Skype or WhatsApp
Stay at home catching up
With your reading
And writing a diary, a blog
Make poetry a focus
To share your feelings

Listen to more music
There's endless possibilities
On YouTube
Buy some art materials
Begin to draw and illustrate
As I plan to do

If you have kids at home
Art craft cooking gardening
And bouncing on the trampoline
Climbing and making a tree house
Going to the beach
To collect shells
And other bits of flotsam
Will all help

Most of all
Don't give up hope
The planet has faced
Such a dilemma before
Today we are much better prepared
To deal with the issue

A vaccine will come in time
We'll be better protected
If it comes around again
Contagion has been managed before
This time around
It's up to us
To take the best advice
Enter into a space of isolation
See what it shows you
About life!

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