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There's a story

Stephen Chinnock

29 March 2020

There’s a story
That I’ve heard
That Allah gives you
Only so many words
To use in your life

So choose your words carefully
Don’t go on and repeat
Make them words of kindness
Compassion and caring
Allah might extend some space

After having written hundreds
Of poems and thoughts
I wonder if I’ve reached
My limit of useful words
Is it time to stop

I ponder that dilemma
At a time when my life
Is already at risk
Will Allah extend
His beneficence
Allow me some time yet

To write from the heart
About the times we’re living in
To share with my fellow writers
Creating a collection
Of reflections and observations
Of what we are living through

Times are strange
And new to us
Especially the younger generations
Who’ve not seen how tough
Life has been in the past
And will become again

What’s left to us
But to talk and reflect
On times gone by
And hold on
To the spirit
Of collectivity
That got us through!

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