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The weather's been fine

Stephen Chinnock

23 June 2020

To a point of bliss
the gentle winter sun
casting a magical light
over the whole landscape
especially on the sea
highlighting the white caps
of the relentless waves
kindly washing the shore

The sand continues
crumbly under the toes
massaging the feet
leaving behind momentos
on the shore
seaweed that fills the nostrils
with a divine saltiness
broken shells
so well designed and patterned

The sea birds continue
to delight
each with a different approach
to making a living
engaging attention
following different patterns of flight

Should be enough
to make the heart sing
for that wondrous beauty
surrounding us
on the amazing South Coast

But I can’t sit there forever
on that rock platform
contemplating the wonders
because back home
there’s another dimension
of humanity struggling
to survive
natural disasters
poor political decisions

Then my personal struggle remains
a battle to fight within
so many reminders each day
by the smallest triggers
of what was lost in the fire

I’ll go back to the sea
and that wonderful rock platform
again and again
look at the waves of eternity
to search out a new balance
of life on this planet!

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