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The sea saw

Stephen Chinnock

17 April 2020

I’m sitting on
The sea saw of life
With my alter ego
When one side’s up
The other’s down

There’s much push and pull
Between the opposing sides
When I see the sea
It’s all up
But when the saw
Grates at my heart
It all goes down

I know it’s a crazy illusion
Of the playground of life
But please give me a push
On the Merry-Go-Round

Let me sit on a pony
At the fair
Spinning around
Without a care

Become a child again
Lost in the wonder
Of the world around
Not noticing
If the sea is up
Or the saw is down

I’d rather be on a swing
Swishing back and forth
Never a thought
Of the end of the ride
Landing safely on padded ground!

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