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The road

Stephen Chinnock

24 November 2020

The road to recovery
Seemed so long and bumpy
Until serendipity showed up
Giving so many moments
To treasure

My very much loved
Grandchildren came back
Now a daily part of life
Participating in home schooling
What a great delight

A new food garden
Being established
Through family support
We will watch together
Those three sisters
Of corn, beans and squash
Growing before our eyes
And eat together fresh produce
The fruits of our labour

The power of poetry
And our strong community
Told on local radio
To sing praises for all
Who told their stories

An invitation to conduct
Poetry workshops
In the Storytelling and Healing Space
For the Rising From the Ashes project
An inspiring initiative
From the Catholic Church
Showing care and compassion

The road to redemption
Is a mosaic of all these things
Action being at the centre!

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