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The Next Step...

Caroline Yabsley

12 August 2020

You said I could do it,
“Just feel ALL the pain”.
But I can’t bear to look,
I want to hide again.
In Mollymook,
Again I’ll pretend,
None of this fire stuff happened.

But I have returned,
Come back to my Place.
To you, my strange furry trees,
Still burnt from the fire.

I love your energy,
Growing new leaves.
I hear your new voice.
As you find your new way
I will help as I can.

But today’s drive up the hill -
Past where I once walked
Enjoying your shade-
Showed the damage
To the forest so wide

It’s past my ability to care.
I’m consumed again with despair.
Would that I could hide once more
Behind Mollymook’s veil.

Instead I listen within,
Feel the scale of this chaotic charred mess
A swirling, nauseating, overwhelm
A burn in the belly
I can’t comprehend.

“Stop fighting your feelings” you say
“ confusion’s OK
Like being dumped by a wave in the surf
Let the tumbling happen.
Let the burn burn”

“Feel the comfort
As you emerge
Then be still,
Let the next step find you,
Not you it”

Let the next step find you,
Not you it.

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