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The new phase

Stephen Chinnock

29 February 2020

The new phase
Of our lives
Has begun
Two months on
The shock and the horror
The adrenaline surging
Our hearts pumping
Has quietened down
Now we face
Our new reality
Settled in houses
But not our own
The new normal
Is sometimes
Hard to accept
When you can’t
Go back home
Six to eight weeks
They say after a trauma
Is the delicate time
Of souls accepting
What’s gone on
Depression is likely
To descend on us all
Fighting back
Is the next challenge
Writing about it
Seems a way forward
To take the bite out
Of what fate
Has delivered
We now have a group
Of wonderful people
Writing up the event
Providing solace
For our blackened hearts
Our lives
The landscape
The wildlife
Our once loved homes
Are celebrated
In verse
Take heart my friends
A wonderful change
Has come over our community
Enhanced communication
Has become the way of today
Please write on
Your verses are brilliant
So satisfying
Reflecting so well
Where we are
And where we’re going!
Much love
And gratitude
To you all !

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