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The Last Supper

Stephen Chinnock

26 January 2020

The boys from Tasmania
Are coming this evening
For one last feed
Before leaving again
To the southern most spot
Noted for the space
That separates inhabited land
Across the ocean to the frozen place
The middle one has requested
Despite the great heat
Roast lamb and vegetables
Always a favourite
For these hungry boys
So full of vigour energy
Fun crazy antics laughter
Until it turns to tears
The tears will be all mine
When they are gone
Taking away from my presence
Endless curiosity
Innocent philosophy
Of how and why
Our world is as it is
Insights sometimes sublime

Interdependence and reliance
Of the one upon the other
Of all life connected inevitably
Is the consciousness
We could pass on
Thoughtfully and carefully
So that their futures
Are all they deserve!

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