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The Gods

Stephen Chinnock

24 March 2020

The gods above
On mount Olympus
Are looking down
Now on us
And wondering why
We are surprised
At our current dilemma

They saw it coming
In eternal time
Mistakes made
Again and again
Not accepting
The need of love
And compassion
Care of the land

Instead we chose war
And destruction
Of the planet
In the name of greed
Stripping away
Our very existence

So it's no surprise at all
That we sit on the edge
Of Armageddon
On a planet so over crowded
Neglected and bruised
By corporate greed

The rich might celebrate
Their success
Until it all comes tumbling down
And they like us
Are scraping the floor
Hoping to find something
To fill the belly

A negative assessment
Of our current situation
To be sure
Can't see it
Any other way
At the moment
Sitting in isolation!

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