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The circus goes OM!

Stephen Chinnock

17 January 2020

They come to town
The politicians, their lackeys
To show their concern
At centres of disaster welfare relief
Lacking the presence only of those
That have lost everything
They meet together
To congratulate each other
For all they have done
Take a media bite
For the news tonight
Never mind what might
Be happening to the dispossessed
To their credit
They have mobilised
Many services to assist
But all seems In shambles
Uncordinated and chaotic
Those most affected
Become the side show
The real support is provided
By friends, family
Previously unknown community members
Treading lightly on this burnt land
Both physical and emotional
Hearts souls hopes and dreams
Drifting off in the smoke
How many hugs
Words of support and kindness
Have I had from those I know
And those I know now
Who’ve taken me in to
Their hearts
Always giving not asking
So much of our wildlife perished
In a conflagration predictable
God bless those many now
That support suffering animals
With strategic supplies
Of food and water
Thank you one and all

The biggest lesson
To take on board
Is that we the people
And our fragile world
Is what counts
Not the pathetic machinations
Of power for powers sake
We are calling out loud
And I beg you to join the chorus
Through song and verse
Protest more and more
Write slogans and poetry
To share with your friends
Sign a petition today
Believe in your heart and soul
As one who has lost
My much loved home
And all of my possessions
So lovingly collected
Over seven decades
The only consolation
Is the rise of the Phoenix
Out of the flames
That multi-winged Phoenix
Is the will of all humanity
To save our extraordinary planet
Our place in the cosmos
Let’s put aside division
Work in unity
May the gods bless you all !

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