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The Bushfire Counsellor

Serena Scarlett

24 November 2020

I wonder sometimes what life's for? Burnt tree tops tell me of so much more.

But there's purpose now.

I am reminded of my task
when I see your dark dead stretches.
Strangely I feel at home at last.

Stirring a rising promise as I pass the twisted blackness.

Even though its not my patch
I travel to find you ...
Because I'm told how much your heart aches.

It was like falling in love, discovering the shared humanity of many.

Helping in little or big ways.
Together finding answers to whatever you may need.

So much stuff and its been oh so tough.

No-one else really knows what everyone went through.

Though even if you don't tell me straight away I can tell if you're blue.
It's my job to.

I am here for you.
I believe in you.
Please Trust in You too.

I listen and try to grasp the unfathomable depths of despair that some of you share.

Being with you and at times offer a guiding light so you wont give up the fight.

The catastrophic devastation in just about every station.

How to make life better?
We will weather or better yet - conquer this together.

Sharing the loss

the pain
the trauma or
the ongoing lack of order.

Within your story
we keep searching and gradually unburdening.
Or looking for ways to ease yours and others pain.

You say some sense of normal is what you hope to regain.

We do this repeatedly even though its tough.
Facing the rough and talking it thru.
We walk it too.

Find a pathway forward
and plan whatever way we can.

To rebuild or start anew.
We will do it together,
Me and You.

Its going to take some time
to climb out of this decline.

And many helping hands
with lots of trust and coping.
Or even just plain hoping.

Challenged that its all lies because no one still lives in tents with pegs and ties!

"We have a cabin for them, anyone still doing it tough".
Ok good lets do this then and fix that sleeping rough.
"Oh no, we don't help Them!
They must own their land".

Lets help a homesick person then.
No. Same again.
Its others we offer a helping hand.

You must fit this box
tick this list fit this bill
be this and that
and oh ...still have hardship.

Who doesn't... what the heck! And don't forget!
Apply by this or that date
or its all too late.

Damn it all.

Help me cut across this red tape.

I will jump the hurdles with you.

Stand beside you when angry words start to bubble. Boil, boil, fire and trouble!

In truth I have to tell you
this too will pass

this rage
this sad stage
this endless loss and pain.

You will come good,
you will regain.

And best of all
- you can stay sane!


Share your plan big or small

The one in there somewhere of how
you will enjoy
a fuller life.

Its a long trail with hills and dales.

Heavy backpacks that wont come off your shoulders.

What's that you say feels like you're carrying rocks and boulders?

Sometimes lots of pain with little gain. But remember all effort is not in vain.

I tell you please, please know it wont last forever.

The times will ease.
You will once again feel better.

Its not about doing the best you can.

Its just - do whatever you can. Enjoy what you have.

Believe me
it's just about living and Being see.

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