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The Beating of a Butterfly's Wings

Melissa Neve

30 April 2020

An instinctive action, my friend, yet did you beat a disaster?
Ebb and flow tides, connected and captive to the moon
Earth and moon, connected and captive to the sun
Inward and outward worlds, connected and captive to life and death
So the butterfly causes the storm, the cyclone, a fire?
How can it be? The impact of one gentle creature, living out its integrity
Unaware and innocent, purposeful, though vulnerable
Fish gotta swim, bird gotta fly, butterfly gotta beat
Maybe somehow, somewhere, the butterfly unintentionally beat in our direction
No options, but to face the day
No options, but to brace for impact
No options, but to mop up debri
Maybe, those early flutters of rain now a changing of fortune
Beat gently my friend, there’s life to be had
Beat mindfully my friend, there’s peace to be attained
Beat in another direction my friend, we’ve had enough this year

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