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Sunday afternoon time

Stephen Chinnock

28 June 2020

Sitting on the back deck
wonderfully orientated
to the north
light blessing the space
all day long

The Currawongs are back
swooping through the space
like threatening jets
but not enough
to frighten away
the rest of the crew

The peewee continues
to peck in the lawn
emitting his sharp little call

A cheeky rainbow lorikeet
arrives to enjoy the nectar
of the grevilleas hanging over the fence
the wattle bird is not happy about that
swooping in aggressively
haha you don’t know the character
of those determined birds
they’ll have their share

Bloody bower birds come next
raiding my garden
for the tender bits
of my snow peas

The kookaburras sit back
and laugh at this scenario
wondering why all this fuss
when with enough native plants
there’s food for all

Meanwhile down on the beach
little cormorants sit on a rock
drying their wings
the pied oysters peck about
on that great rock platform
accompanied by the white faced herons
necks extended

The only things missing today
we’re the diving gannets
and the majestic
white bellied sea eagle

A couple of whales close by
off Warden Head
topped of a day
Of delight!

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