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Stephen Chinnock

29 March 2020

Stranded like a ship
On a rock of destruction
Waiting for the waves
Of the high tide
To break the ship apart
When that wave comes

We’ll be stranded on the shore
Some dead others desperate
For food and survival
Scrambling up the beach
Hoping to find dry land

Some will try to find
Another way to earn
Their daily bread
Only to find that unemployment
Is rife and government support
Is all that they have

Hard times are coming
For us all
We’ve seen it before
In the depression
And the world wars

Grit and determination
Got us through
That crash on the rocks
The waves quietened down
We picked up the pieces
And carried on

We can and we must
Do it again
Or go down with the ship
Choosing Poseidon
As our master!

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