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Social isolation

Stephen Chinnock

16 March 2020

That won’t be so hard
I’ve done it before
Locked away in the cave
Avoiding human contact
Days and days on end
Hoping nobody would notice
I was at home

Then came the fire
Taking away my cave
Of separation
From the world around
I had to exit
And rejoin the human race

Out and about
Day after day
Seeking support
And finding it
All over the place
What a revelation
Humanity showed
It’s best face

Now I’m hooked in
To communication
With so many others
That have shared
The same fate

But now comes
A new threat
Sending me back
Into isolation
Self imposed
So far at least

Seems the day will arrive
Sooner rather than later
When we all have to stay home

How will that be?
I’m all stocked up
With plenty of food
But life’s not just
About eating
At least we have
Our mobiles
To keep in touch

We’ll talk a lot
Over the phone
And look forward
To the day
When we can hug again!

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