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Signing off

Stephen Chinnock

25 November 2020

I’m signing off from this site
moving on to a new project
I’ve written enough
of what we went through
our website is well established
thank you all for your
wonderful contributions

I now have three beautiful boys
involved in home schooling
I need now to write with and for them
a different muse to be sure
it’s where my energy needs to go now

The journey has been a revelation
of the spirit in all of us
poetry has been a powerful connection
in a time of great strife and suffering
words have a power of redemption

To those who have started to write
don’t stop but find new directions
continue to reflect and record
your path through life
our website remains open
for new contributions

I just need to go
somewhere else
to find peace and satisfaction
after that terrible time
we all went through!

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