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Stephen Chinnock

2 April 2020

Are deceptive
A trick of light
Teasing our eyes

Shadows exist
In solid form
And in metaphor
Always showing
Shades not seen before

I sit and look
At a simple set of shelves
Four square boxes
Transformed into geometrical art
Chiaroscuro patterns
Creating dimensions
Perceived but not real

I stare into those boxes
So incredibly transformed
And wonder about
Shadows in my life at large

Has the light of experience
And age so long
Shown me a realistic perspective
Or have the shadows
Of grief and loss
Created a box
Of mistaken dimensions

Is the light of day
After the night of shadows
The real and accepted
Vision of where I am

Or are the shadows
Playing around
The periphery of my mind
Stealing away clarity

Sending me down
A path of blurry vision
Wondering about
The dark and the light
In this shadowy world
Of now ?

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