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Saturday after NYE

Scott Brennan

4 June 2020

We thought it was over with many homes on the ground,
Four days later it returned for the second round.
Today would be different not many left to burn
Ours is still standing though, looks like our turn.
Both cars filled with stuff and parked at the gate,
For the last-minute escape let's hope not too late.
Kris and I together would have to do this alone,
No neighbours left, only the phone.
With air hot and dry and wind picking up pace
There's smoke in the paddock, To that phone we must race.
I called 000 and hope for a different fate,
Same as Tuesday "you're on your own, mate".
The RFS have told us they're not taking calls,
The taxes and levies we pay,amount to fuck all.
Let's re-fill the buckets and hose the house down
Hope the water stays on this time around.
Just Kris and I to face this new crisis,
Hold on, heres the cavalry in the shape of the “Prices”!
Craig, Chris and Josh are here to make a stand
Their house used to be above us but now it's just land.
The phones all say 48° in the shade
This debt to repay, what can I trade?
Break into the emergency stash of my Zooper Doopers
It can't be repaid, not even with Coopers.
Late in the arvo the wind has died down
The boys make their farewells and head back to town.
For around 40 minutes the wind turns nor east
We're hoping it will be cooler at least.
Cooler it is, safer it's not.
Embers from Manyana come,
fuck there's a lot!
The sky just goes black we've been here before
We're in a bit of trouble I don't want to play any more.
The southerly comes and we breathe a sigh of relief,
It's over for today that's our belief.
That was THAT day, on paper not frightening
But reading it back my anxiety is heightening.
So what do I do where do I go?
is it Coopers all my favourite vino collapso?
So here's to us 'Parkies' the ones who stayed.
The drop in's, the beers and tears I'm afraid.
Our lives have changed, not like before,
Yet our strengths and resilience came to the fore.
So come on Shane Hughes, it's your turn now,
Even this old yobbo has shown you how.

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