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Refuse to yield

Rod Bursill

7 January 2020

I’m writing this poem saddened to the core
as two thousand and nineteen closed its door.

While the East coast of Australia is burning on fire in my whole life I’ve never witnessed a situation so dire.
The part I feel connected to the most is where my heart is, the beautiful south coast.

The devastation of the Kangaroos and animals is so horrific, these were our familiar friends that were so prolific.
I saw a Roo all covered in hot ash, out of the scrub I saw the poor thing dash, a Diamond Python curled up with no hope, hiding in a gumtree going up in smoke.

Conjola was burning down – It’s so hard to take, as many of our great memories have been made on this lake.
While many evacuated down to the beach, waiting in anticipation for the southerly to breach. Hero’s stepped up working In the smoke so dark, “some of them saved our caravan park!”

With spot fires starting on every shore, all most could do was watch in awe.
Some homes and properties we were able to save, the RFS and local hero’s were so brave.
Many homes were also lost and fell - it was like a war zone straight from hell!

Watching the choppers fill up from the lake, with such precision these pilots made not one mistake.
Power and communications were all off the air, while loved ones away were filled with worry and despair.

As the fire roared up the coast at such great cost, Rest In Peace the loved ones lost. Memories of you will never lie down, you won’t be forgotten In our little town.

In the middle of the night we constantly woke, to falling trees and pungent thick smoke. Leaving with a police escort in groups of ten, driving the entrance road the devastation hit us then. People homes and property lost, the mental anguish will come at a huge cost.

Whilst we start again and the rain begins to fall, as a community we will stand tall! As supplies make their way down the coast, getting to towns and people who need them most.

I hope the future knows that when we rebuild, if the fires return our Aussie town will refuse to yield.

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