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Putting the pieces

Stephen Chinnock

31 October 2020

Putting the pieces
back again
to complete the jigsaw
of the life I knew
ain’t no easy task

One piece fits
the next not
some bits refuse
to connect to the whole
leaving empty spaces

There are rips and tears
like a fashionable pair of jeans
exposing the shredded pieces
of my heart

Dear friends are coming
on Sunday
to bless the house
celebrating yet another birthday
too many of which I’ve had

Their presence however
will provide new memories
to cherish
and my beautiful boys
from Tasmania might be back
that will make my day!

Battles fought in this life
can only be won
with the love and support
of an extended family
which I have in abundance

I feel blessed
even while
I pick up the pieces
of a many time broken heart!

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