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Post apocalyptic blues

Stephen Chinnock

14 April 2020

It came you know
The apocalypse of now
Taking down our lives
To the lowest
Common denominator

Despite all the warnings
The best of science
We were not prepared
At any level

The fires roared
Through our lives
Like a volcano
In front of our eyes

The shock
The Post Trauma
Stress Disorder
Descended on us all
Holding it back
Was the order of the day

Generosity galore
Held us in its arms
For a good while
Gave some comfort
Releasing the hearts
Of wonderful people
Not known before

After that tsunami of grief
Loss of life
And all of our possessions
We got together
With a great and abiding
Sense of community
We struggled along well

Then came another thread
In the weaving
Of life’s fabric
The loom had to incorporate
Colours and patterns
Not seen before

The new threat
Was not external
But contained
Within our bodies
Taking down the most vulnerable
Good bye grandpa
Sorry I can’t be
At your funeral

An overlap now
Between the fires
And the virus
Is now linked
To fear of survival

Not from the machinations
Of the planet
Experiencing climate change
Rather a contagion
Created out of our relationship
With other living things

Where to go now
Can we change the way
That we do business
On this diminished planet
Or shall we carry on
Like before in ignorance

Ending up
As a waste of space
In this universe
So broad!

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