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Stephen Chinnock

26 June 2020

Poets are weavers
of words
creating fabrics
of complexity
patterned sometimes
to perfection
should be hung on the wall

Complications of relationships
within this planet’s domain
reflected in verses
with metaphor and simile
always asking questions
a mirror of our lives
struggling to define
a clear image

They try you know
to stand out in space
and look back to see
what’s happening
to the human race
our biodiversity
the wonderful world of nature
so fraught and challenged

We need those voices
penetrating current reality
exploring better ways
to support life

The best part of this story
is when new voices
join the chorus
a cry from the heart
a call for action
holding of hands
creating a barrier
against the destruction
of all we hold dear
and sacred at times

Speak up
make your voice heard
create a sister/brotherhood
awareness is the first step
towards living life differently

We can take steps
one at a time
towards reparation
if the voices of all
are loud and heard!

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