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Poetry in Motion

Anthony Ash Brennan

5 June 2020

I wish my words would glide across the page
Almost like poetry in motion

All I have is imagination
And an average ability
of spelling it out

I�۪m not rushing this work
As I have those in the past
I�۪m pausing to think
As we should
When we connect with the world

Of course Focus and purpose are important
Be careful not to be smothered
Take a deep breath, a deep thought
Give it space give it time

For I am guilty of all the above
And the scars of haste are easy to see
I�۪ve learnt to relax and look within
It�۪s there where the answers lie.

Poetry is now my muse
I�۪ll let it teach and inspire
Writing is my way forward
The words keep pointing the way

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