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Stephen Chinnock

3 April 2020

Poetry is great and powerful medium
To reflect the times we live in

Homer started that trend
In ancient times
With his stories in verse
Of the great adventures
Of Odysseus
Followed by the terrible battles
At the city of Troy
When Achilles took on
His strongest foe, Hector
All spelt out in the Iliad

The ancient Greeks set us up
To follow their lead
In the arts
Literature and drama
No wonder poets
Like Byron
Needed to step on the land
Trammelled in history
By famous feet
From Alexander the Great on

Tradition created
So long ago
Has served well
To provide a myriad of poets
In the English language
Too many to name here
But we all know some

Poetry is thriving
In our community
Many finding their muse
In the life changing events
Of very recent times
We sit and reflect
Particularly now in isolation
We spin and weave verses
Spilling out our words
Just as they did
In ancient times

Thanks, may the gods
On Mount Olympus
Bless you ancient Greeks
For showing us the way !

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