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Stephen Chinnock

27 March 2020

Outpourings galore
One after the other
A fountain of words
Not heard before
Expressions of loss
Of hope and redemption

Wave after wave
Of life’s dimensions
Challenging greatly
Our reserves of strength
Determination and patience
Our hearts ready to explode

Ready or not
A wave is arriving
A tsunami of grief
And torture
Not seen before
Since the world wars

We brace ourselves
In isolation gripping tight
To the rules imposed
But not quite all
There are the fools
Who haven’t yet understood
What’s happened elsewhere

The full extent
Of what’s coming
Will be seen in weeks
An escalating curve of contagion
Affecting us all
For gods sake
Lock down now
To save lives

Forget the dollar value
Of the short term agenda
Just keep us alive and safe
Or there’ll be no fighting back
In the long term agenda
A decimated population
Won’t restore the economy

If our dithering dull
And ignorant leaders
Can’t see the way
Take it into your own hands
Take your kids out of school
Trust in a community based system
Of carefully considered care

Hold hands metaphorically
Think of your neighbours
In need especially the elderly
Lend a hand to those in need
Draw on your own creativity
Finding ways to survive
This massive change
In our way of living

Think of the poms
Under the blitz
They showed guts
Determination and resolve
It carried them through
Very tough times
If we have that renowned Aussie character
So celebrated at times
Show it now
It is needed!

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