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One More Edit

Anthony Ash Brennan

9 August 2020

2.45am, just one more edit
Cut some words from Stefo here
And put some fire shots there.
Its seemingly never ending
But just one more edit

Bed can wait
If I sleep, we won’t see Rhys’s eagle
Adam won’t grind his gas tank
Garry won’t make it back in his undies
Sam won’t jump in the pool!
Just one more edit

Thousands of tiny lines on the screen
Each precariously placed
To tell Conjola’s story
Place them wrong
The story fades.
Just one more edit

Maybe it’s time to rest
The tiny lines are moving by themselves
I’m losing focus
But the weight of expectation
Makes me do just one more edit

Maybe if I stop
The fire won’t happen
The animals won’t die
The houses will remain
NYE would never have happened!
Just one more edit

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