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Old and Mad

Stephen Chinnock

27 December 2020

I might be
But despite the blessing
Of a new house
My first brand new car
Grandchildren bouncing
Endlessly through each day
Making me love and laugh

I can’t quite yet
Let go of the image
In my mind
Of those folk
Gathered by the edge of the lake
Seeing Armageddon happen
Before their eyes
Barely able to breathe
Fearing for their lives

Such a scene Dante
Couldn’t have imagined
As he described descent into hell
Such a terrible conflagration
Taking away so many homes
Hopes and memories
So much lost
Never to be replaced

I ran like a rat
Deserting a sinking ship
Putting my life at risk
Driving through fire
On both sides
Barely able to see my way
Sought solace in the house
Of a dear old friend

So as that anniversary arrives
Anthony’s documentary screened
I’ll hold you all tight
Because I know
How much it hurts still
Much love to those
Who exposed their hearts
Through verse beautifully written

It was at the end of the day
A terrible journey
But ridden together
The sharing
Made it so much easier to bear
God bless you all!

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