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Oh Jesus Christ

Stephen Chinnock

14 March 2020

The world is spinning
On a coin
Flipped into the air
On one side
You can have
War and destruction
On the other
A global pandemic
Climate change
You can bet
On one or another
But you’ll come down
At the end
With a result
That won’t please

Will i win
This way
Or the other
Why bother
To take the bet
Just go to bed
And when you
Get up in the morning
Wonder if
You should go out

Or stay at home
Bunkered in with supplies
To see you by
For a good while
Because nobody knows
How long this threat
Will last
To threaten our lives

I personally
Won’t give up
Going down to the beach
Breathing in great gulps
Of sea air and space
Watching the ocean
Showing time like never before

I’ll be happy to die
If my last moments
Remind me of all
I’ve seen of this world
Times so various and mysterious
Sometimes exhilarating
At others exhausting

What a year has
2020 becoming
A date we’ll will never forget
If we survive it yet!

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