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Oh I know

Stephen Chinnock

1 December 2020

That I signed off
But just perhaps a final note
To all you wonderful poets out there
I keep going back to our website
Revelling in the verses you’ve written

That is a powerful historical document
Needing to be published
I’ll work on that
Because it tells the story
Of a terrible disaster
From the heart
Of those involved

Such insights into the process
Of recovery and healing
Reveal the real cost
Of what happened on that terrible day

Writing for me has been a road to redemption
Moving on to a new life
I hope it has helped you too
Saying it out loud
Writing it down in words well selected
Puts something behind
Opens up new possibilities

Well done all of you
You’ve touched my heart
Accompanying me on this journey
I couldn’t have survived
Without your company!

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