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Now that I've found you

Stephen Chinnock

4 April 2020

Now that I’ve found you
My iconic monk
I’ll picture you up
In my imagination

The tonsure shaved clean
And precise
The symbol of
Your fidelity to Christ

Your cloak made
Of rough weaving
All that you have
To cover that dedicated body

Your medieval setting
Leaving you prone
To hunger
Deprivations not seen since

Your bed of straw
Hard to be sleeping on
After you’ve said your prayers
On the hard stone floor

I see the cold stone walls
Of your cell
The simplicity
That you live within

I hear your Gregorian chants
The wonders of earth
And heaven
Celebrated in song

I see you at your
Heavy wooden desk
Transcribing holy texts
Edged in gold leaf

The dedication of your soul
Touches my heart
Even though I’m beyond
Religion and faith

Your efforts to purge
The world of the devil
Serves to remind me
That evil does exist

May I presume
To hold your hand metaphorically
And hold on to the lessons
You’ve taught me already

The times we are going through
Are not dissimilar
To your era
So long ago

Lend us a hand
Share your great wisdom
Across the divide
Of time and space

I’ll build an altar
To bless your presence
Burn frankincense
And myrrh

Thank you so much
My virtual monk friend
We’ll talk again
As this seclusion continues

Good night
And god bless!

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