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Stephen Chinnock

1 May 2020

Nothing left to write or say today
As I settle uneasily into isolation
An empty space to be filled by what?
Reflection introspection
Not doing any good to my mind

But then comes a connection online
A dear friend talking the truth
Of her life, difficult as it is
Revealing other dimensions of life
Ways of dealing with strife
That strikes us all, not just now
But always on the ride to eternity

It’s always been a bumpy ride
That road predetermined by fate
Some ride that wave with equanimity
Others struggle like me to accept
The inevitability and crash
Into the surf of invisibility!

But but like Uncle Todd
I’ll take my board out again
Searching for a wave of redemption
Arriving on a shore of beauty again
On the sands of Booderee!

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