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New found

Stephen Chinnock

24 April 2020

New found writing companions
Starting out for the first time
Please never doubt that what you have done
Is nothing less than brilliant

Exposing your heart and mind on paper
For the first time may seem daunting
All of the responses have been favourable
You all represent a pool of unseen talent
Dormant in all of humanity

On a personal note as one who’s written too much
Late at night without careful consideration
I’m jealous of the technique you’ve brought to bear
On a difficult topic creating forms
Rhythm and rhyme
Leaving me astounded and challenged
You have all researched within the parameters
Of verse and what function it serves in our lives
You have done so well makes me proud

We have a website growing day by day
And it will be a record and celebration
A reflection for the whole community to share
Of dark times turned bright
By your participation!

Thank you!

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