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Neptune's domain

Stephen Chinnock

18 June 2020

So I went there today
the edge of Neptune’s domain
stood on an ancient rock platform
exploring with eyes acute
to the subtleties
of the micro environment
another world to behold

My eyes were fixed at first
on gannets flying high
and plunging with great speed
into that ocean
feeding on shashimi for lunch

Three sooty oysters catchers
were there feeding in rock pools
their black plumage highlighted
by the bright red eyes and beaks

A white faced heron
extended his neck
so long and effective
had a good feed too

A little pied cormorant
sat there
the proverbial shag
on a rock

I took photos
of details of rock pools
breathed in the sights
the smells of seaweed

I could then
count myself
as a happy man
for what the universe provides
in abundance
for free!

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