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My recovery poems friends

Stephen Chinnock

31 December 2020

What a year that was eh?
An extraordinary roller coaster ride
Of emotions and material considerations
We came through with lots of Brownie points
You all earned lots of badges
For resilience, courage and moving on

Well done you all
For managing so well
Despite the deeply felt hurt
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart
For joining in to an intimate conversation
Revealing what was really happening

To our hearts and souls
I’m spending this first day
Of a new year of hope
Reading all that you’ve written
Stunned by the beauty
The perspicacious depth
Of your verse
I’ll go on to read it many times over

My dear friend David from Melbourne
Who created our wonderful website
Will be here in the near future
To discuss publishing possibilities
For there is a document
A history of hearts
Worth sharing!

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