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My recovery

Stephen Chinnock

20 August 2020

Oh how I pocketed away
the pain of
my own recovery
made it all mine

Dwelt on it
wrote about it
exploring every dimension
of its high walls

Reflected it was
in my own pool
of self absorption
difficult emotions
rippling across the surface

At times those ripples
became waves
driven by fear and anxiety
until Neptune beckoned me
back to the sea

There lies the great source
of redemption
in hard times
salt air in the nostrils
eyes battered by beauty

The sea of never ending time

And how good
are psychologists
to whom you may speak
without taking them down
mine is a treasure

And Dr Rob on line
with decades of experience
going back to Black Friday
so many years ago
now he sees
the patterns of distress
in survivors of terrible fire

He talks so lucidly
hits on truths
about us all
recognising the value
of community
offers a road map
out of the Cortisol zone

Helped so much
to see myself
in a relationship
with others
and how we can
fight back!

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