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My home for now

Stephen Chinnock

13 May 2020

My home for now is at Mollymook
Named after a bird by sailors long ago
I went there today to wander slowly
Along that wonderfully sandy beach
Buttressed by a headland
Expansive rock platforms at the other end

There were just five people
On that sublime stretch of coast
One old man was meticulously collecting
Shells with an imperfection of nature
A hole in all of them
To be threaded on string
Celebrating nature’s design genius

It was a meditation of sorts
Focussing on intimate detail
Noting the amazing variety
Of shapes and patterns
Washed up on the shore
Of Mollymook beach

At low tide there was
A sense of calm
A lulling of the senses
Being there now
Looking with eyes wide open
At the beauty of the natural world!

I might go back tomorrow!

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