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Marilyn Schoonerwoerd

22 March 2020

I think I could handle the "c" word
A little better it it hadn't been for the "f" word
Because then
I'd have my garden full of fruit and veggies
Enough to share, even.
With my well stocked pantry
Freezers full of mince and other meats,
And last year's excess produce
I'd be sweet!

I'd even have that precious toilet paper
Well stocked, not hoarded
In anticipation
Of our grandkids' vacation
( Pre- Christmas shopping frenzy
To avoid the post- Christmas one! )
So no issue with the tissue then.

Instead, I stand in my allotted 4 sq metres
Along with all the other oldies
At an hour more fit for snoozing
(Or perhaps a run on the beach for the more fit)
To push a disinfected trolley
And secure what is on the shelves today

My tiny "holiday" kitchen
doesn't hold enough
Yet there was not enough to fill it
So back to do it all again
So much for social isolation!

If it wasn't for the "f"word
I wouldn't mind the change of seasons
Just reach for that jacket, or jumper or jeans
As the weather turns cool
But I look in my wardrobe and wonder
How much longer will summer things do?
Before, there were gloves and scarves,
Trackies and coats, warm slippers and shoes
Easy choices taken away.

"You won't need many warm clothes if you stay at home"
Agreed - but you need some
And some is more than none whichever way you do the maths.
So another dilemma
Clothes buying while social distancing -
Not easy!
Online? Fraught with challenges-
Not the right fit, fabric not right
Good on the model but not on me.
Just another frustration of "f" and *c*.

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