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Stephen Chinnock

25 May 2020

Are those in charge
especially those designated
ministers for the environment
determined to deny
all future generations
the chance to witness
the wondrous fabric
of abundant and ancient nature
here on the fire distraught
South Coast ?

Are our children and theirs
down the line of generations
never to be granted
access to our once flourishing wildlife
are they condemned
to live in a man made desert
left behind when the developers
have lined their pockets
to what ultimate end
we are asking you now

It is an essential question
to be answered right away
how do you derive
the moral right
failing to protect
what belongs to and is at the heart
of the very survival
of humanity

Pluck those dollar signs
from your blind eyes
open an avenue of redemption
develop a conscience
a moral compass
a little compassion at least
recognise the enormity
of the consequences
of terrible decision making

You have no mandate
to destroy the inheritance
of future generations
it amounts to criminal neglect
of the duty you have
to represent all
not just those rolling in cash

Morality binds you
to save what little is left
after you have already bungled
the management of natural disasters
the ghosts of Manyana
will haunt you forever
if you don’t raise the bar
of fairness and ethical thought
Do it now!
or be condemned
for the final blow
to the integrity
of a whole community.

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