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Mollymook beach

Stephen Chinnock

3 April 2020

Under a bright
Illuminating sky
I walked to the beach
Shaking off
The cobwebs
Of isolation

Felt the squeaky clean sand
Between my toes
Let the salty brine
Wash around my legs
Eyes filled with the eternal scene
Of sun sand and surf

The cool sensation
Of water washing
Up to the shore
The breeze on my face
The umami smell
Of seaweed
Exciting my nostrils

I could stay in that space
Forever and a day
Where all fears
Are washed away
On the white tops
Of rolling waves

Reconnections with the planet
Ageless and powerful
Way beyond the comprehension
Of our tiny precarious grip
On the meaning of existence

I collected just
A pocket full
Of tiny seashells
To take home

I’ve arranged those shells
In a variety of ways
They’re so amenable
To pattern making

I’ve taken photos
Of the patterns
Utilising filters on the phone
So art and satisfaction
Is created so simply
From simple but enduring things!

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