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Memory Fades in Time

Serena Scarlett

21 December 2020

Yes No Maybe
I dont know what to say
What Are the right words to soothe dismay?
Maybe memory will behave akin to forgivenes of a lover
The betrayal of one with another
Able to forgive
Never to forget
The body holds the pain and part of us will never be the same.
Learning not to re-live
Every time there's a trigger
And not be so bothered
even though its a bugger
when it feels like the rug's been pulled out from under.
New bases
are the foundations
Everything will be alright
Now there's a roof
And a new street Light
Sleep tight
Wake up Bright
All manner of things
will be Alright.
May you be granted
this wish
as your personal insight
Keep you n Bless you Every Day, every Night.

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